About Us

We're a small, sustainable farm in Central Victoria. As beginner farmers, we raise free range pigs and chickens to supply local communities. 


Our small farm is located on Dja Dja Wurrung country, of the Kulin nations. We acknowledge that we live, work, and play on the land of the Dja Dja Wurrung peoples, and we pay our respects to Jaara elders past, present, and emerging. We recognise that the Traditional Owners of this country practiced the most sustainable forms of agriculture for over 60,000 years, and that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples continue to play a pivotal role in caring for country across Australia. We acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded. 

Our story

We’re Will Bennett and Emma Horsburgh, the farmers at Pig and Earth. Emma is Sydney-born, has a degree in international studies/feminist security, and is a dedicated Ravenclaw. Will is a Victorian local, is certified in land management and conservation, and once read 52 books in a year. On the farm, Emma takes care of social media and business management, and is the head rooster overseeing egg production. Will is in charge of farm logistics and pork production, and is generally the jack (sometimes master) of all trades. 

We met while walking 300km across South Australia, campaigning to build Australia’s first solar thermal plant. Since then, we’ve been activists, students, and workers engaged in environmental conservation, social justice, and the deeply unequal impacts of a warming planet. 

We believe in local solutions to global problems. That’s why we took the leap of starting a small, sustainable farm in Victoria. We’re not just getting covered in mud while trying to care for a small patch of land (although we do love that), we’ve also got big ideas. We want to be part of the growing international movement of climate-minded, politically active, and organised farmers.

Pig and Earth Farm is based on the belief that a rapid shift is needed in the way that we produce and consume food. This shift will benefit consumers, farmers, animals, communities, and the earth. We want to break away from the current food system that is built around multinational corporations, fossil fuels, and harmful chemicals. Instead, we use a holistic approach to farming, incorporating permaculture, free-range, and organic principles. We pair this with a desire to let all our animals live as naturally as possible. 

We work with our animals to improve the land that we are on, producing only as much as the land will provide. We’re a small farm with a big vision. To us, farming is more then just making another commodity for the market. It is about improving an agriculture system that benefits few while harming many, to become a system that benefits us all. 

Our vision

Our farm is located on Dja Dja Wurrung country, just outside of Kingston, on the historic Quarry Hill Farm.

We are: 15mins from Daylesford, 30mins from Ballarat and 1.5hr from Melbourne.