How We Farm


Pig and Earth Farm is located in central Victoria just outside the small township of Kingston. After purchasing our property in the winter of 2017, we are aiming to establish a perennial pasture system that will allow us to feed our animals nutrient dense grasses and fodder crops, whilst also improving the quality of the soil and sequestering carbon. 


With the intent to leave the soil better then we found it, we're developing systems of pasturing and free ranging our animals to give the land periods of rest and rejuvenation. 

The Soil:

IMG_4268 2.jpg

In the paddocks, our heritage breed Large Black and Berkshire pigs forage the ground as they would naturally, which helps to turn the soil and improve its nutrient content with manure. Currently, they're fed a mix of locally grown grain and spent grain (e.g. leftover from production) that we pick up from a Melbourne brewery, and forage on roots and grass throughout the day. 

Each pig has plenty of room to roam, and spend their entire lives outdoors, with access to shelter from bad weather. Because they're social animals, our pigs are generally kept in pairs or small groups, and young pigs are kept in sibling groups.

The Pigs:


Our chickens are a mix of heritage, hybrid, and cross breeds. They spend their days scratching up the soil and eating whatever bugs, grasses, and plants they forage for themselves. We feed them a mix of layer pellets, loose grains, weeds, and food scraps. Our layers have at least five times more room per hen than the Australian free-range standards. 

The Chickens:


We want all our animals to have the best possible environment to grow in and are dedicated to improving the land we're on. We believe farming can't be reduced to an equation of inputs and outputs that maximise profits. A good farm should be diverse, sustainable and as natural as possible.