Want a delicious box of locally grown, and ethically raised pork and lamb each month? Join the CSA now!

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What is CSA? 

CSA is a model of agriculture that aims to connect the consumer and the farmer more closely. This is done by offering shares into the farm's harvest for a season or for a year. By purchasing shares at the beginning of the season, the consumer then receives a percentage of the harvest weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. 

Our goals

  • To strengthen locally based agriculture

  • To deeply connect consumers and producers (know how and where your food is grown)

  • To share the risks and rewards of farming with the community

  • To provide an alternative to industrial agriculture and supermarket chains

  • To supply ethical and delicious food


There are four share options to choose from depending on your needs as an individual, couple, or group. 

  1. Half Share - 1.25kg of pork

  2. Small Share - 2.5kg of pork

  3. Medium Share - 5 kg of pork

  4. Large Share - 10kg of pork

Plus you can add an additional 2kg of lamb to any share

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 9.25.40 pm.png

The price for each share will depend on if you choose to pay monthly or pay the full amount up front and receive a discount. 


As we believe that none of the animal should be wasted, each box will contain a variety of cuts from a single animal, from roasts and chops, to bacon and hocks. Eating the whole animal is an important step in  making meat more sustainable.
What you receive will vary throughout the season, although we can't guarantee you will receive your favourite item each month, we can ensure you don't receive something you won't eat. Just let us know what you don't like in the signup form. 

Once signed up, we will be delivering your share to convenient drop off points in both Ballarat and Melbourne on the first Thursday of each month, the locations are as follows: 

  • Ballarat - Free delivery

  • Melbourne - Organic Wholefoods

    • Flemington: 137 Mount Alexander Road

    • Brunswick: 483 Lygon Street

    • Fitzroy: 277 Smith Street

  • Daylesford - Free delivery

Payments must be made by the Friday prior to delivery via direct deposit (details will be sent out via email). 

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