Do you sell mini pigs?

No, our pigs are huge. While they're tiny as piglets, adult Large Blacks can be 300kg. They're not particularly suitable for suburban backyards or nice living rooms.

Can I freeze your pork?

Yes! And we encourage you to, so as to reduce waste. If your pork is frozen hard, it can stay good for 6 months or more! 

How should I defrost my pork?

The safest method is to defrost goods by moving them from the freezer to the fridge. Defrosting them in the fridge is safer than defrosting on the kitchen bench. 

Are your products organic?



While we raise and produce our pork as naturally as possible, we're not certified organic. The certification process is complex and expensive, and so far we haven't had the resources to do it. Instead, we encourage you to engage with our farming processes - if you've got any questions about our pigs, pork, or processes, you're welcome to ask us or visit the farm. You can also check out our 'About Us' section to learn more about how we farm.